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Welcome to telesangels.com – a learning community website designed to support our on-campus mentoring activities.

This website also enables distance-education students or those who have difficulty attending our on-campus events to access Tele’s Angels’ services and resources and engage with our Ancient History community.

Browse the pages of our website to find out more about our program, our Mentors and our Department – we’re all here to help you enjoy and succeed in your studies of Ancient History at Macquarie University.


History & Purpose

The Telemachus Ancient History Mentor Program (or, as we are more informally known, Tele’s Angels) was founded in 2002 by a group of second-year undergraduate students after they observed the need for greater support, resources and communication for and amongst first-year students.

The transition from secondary education or the workforce to university life can be a difficult one. With this in mind, the Ancient History Department is one of the only Departments in the entire University that offers a comprehensive Mentoring Program, run BY students,FOR students.

The program seeks to offer free academic and personal assistance to all first-year Ancient History students on a one-to-one basis, as well as providing networking opportunities between students and staff. Most importantly, we encourage students to become involved in the Ancient History community here at Macquarie University, and to relax and enjoy their studies!

The Mentors are all passionate and committed Ancient History students at various stages of their journeys through higher education, so they can easily relate to the needs of first-year students.

Students are encouraged to contact the Mentor/s relevant to their area of enquiry.


Mission Statement

  • To build and maintain a caring and approachable academic and personal support network for first-year Ancient History students within the Macquarie University Ancient History community.
  • To provide first-year Ancient History students with accurate free information and advice regarding the University’s facilities and procedures.
  • To foster and encourage self-initiated learning, self-confidence, self-esteem, communication, and networking amongst first-year Ancient History students.
  • To foster and encourage pride and passion for an education in Ancient History at Macquarie University amongst first-year students, so that they may become actively involved within classes, the Department itself and the greater University.
  • To build and establish a legacy of care within the Telemachus Ancient History Mentor Program, so that first-year students will recognise its worth and be proud to take over Mentor roles as second-year or more senior undergraduate or postgraduate students.

In undertaking all of the above, with integrity, we hope to learn and personally grow from this experience.

Ronika Power, January 2002.