scribe 375pxIn Session 1, Tele’s Angels mentors, who have returned from fieldwork in Egypt, the Near East and Mediterranean, present an Archaeological Fieldwork and Internship Seminar about the application processes for anyone interested in undertaking AHIS346 (Archaeological Fieldwork) . This seminar is for Ancient History students at any stage in their studies. For first-year students, it will give you an idea of what to aim for academically and financially.

In Session 2, the seminar presents pre-departure advice for current dig students. If you are curious about the day-to-day life on-site and insights into excavating ancient artefacts while engaging in foreign culture, then you are welcome to join the current dig students.


Session 2, 2019 Seminar:

  • Wednesday 21st August, 9am, 29 Wally’s Walk (Museum of Ancient Cultures, Seminar Room) RSVP eb-icon_large


Download our Archaeological Fieldwork Seminar resources here!