Being students ourselves, we know it’s a real downer when people at uni ask you to fill out survey forms and then you never hear anything back from them… Did they read your comment?… What did they do with your suggestions?…

At Tele’s Angels we aim to share the outcomes of all our surveys with you and let you know what we have done with your suggestions – it’s our way of showing you that we take your comments very seriously and strive to constantly improve our services and resources. We want to ensure we are doing all we can to meet your needs and make your transition to higher education as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The links below lead to the summaries of the Tele’s Angels Student Experience Survey (TASES) for 2008, 2009 and 2010. These surveys told us that first-year Ancient History students LOVE Tele’s Angels services and resources and are very happy that we exist here at Macquarie University. We also learnt that we could improve in some areas and we have addressed these issues in our service schedule as follows:

  • Multiple times for Essay Writing Seminars: “Different options for essay writing session! I can’t make the one that exists and it sounds like it will be a great opportunity” (Respondent #1 TASES 2008); “Organise multiple writing courses – not all students can make the same time” (Respondent #2 TASES 2008); and
  • Hard-copy summary sheets for all service events: “Maybe some sheets on the powerpoint presentations, eg. Notes that the mentors have that we don’t, or make booklets/pamphlets” (Respondent #28 TASES 2008); “Could improve by giving out slides on paper to students at essay writing workshop so that they can refer to them later” (Respondent #50 TASES 2008).
  • New ways for students to meet one another and interact: 17% of TASES 2008 respondents indicated that they would like to have met even more of their fellow students at our events, so we’re coming up with fun ways to make this happen!


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