Journal Articles


R.K. Power, B.B. Miles, A. Peruzzi, A. Voerman.
Building Bridges: A Practical Guide to Developing and Implementing a Subject-specific Peer-to-peer Academic Mentoring Program for First-Year Higher Education Students.
Asian Social Science Journal 7(11):75-80. VIEW.


Conference Papers


B.B. Miles & R.K. Power.
Telemachus (Tele’s Angels) Ancient History Mentor Program.
Mentoring Symposium: Learning, Mentoring and Leading: Building Resilience, Supporting Diversity, February 12-13, Macquarie University. VIEW. WATCH.


R.K. Power & B.B. Miles.
Building bridges: a practical guide to developing and implementing a subject specific peer to peer academic mentoring program for first year higher education students.
14th International First Year in Higher Education Conference: Design for Student Success, 28 June-1 July, Fremantle, W.A.