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Welcome to Tele-Vision!

At Tele’s Angels, we are committed to constantly evolving our service provision to reflect and stay relevant to students’ culture/s and lifestyle/s. Being students ourselves, we know that we all engage in our studies at different times, in different ways, in different spaces, for different reasons!

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For whatever reason, we know that some of you might not be able to access our on-campus activities from time-to-time or on a more permanent basis.

So… we’re coming to you! We are thrilled to announce the birth of the latest addition to Tele’s Angels‘ learning community… Tele-Vision!

Tele-Vision is an online learning channel which offers video broadcasts of our on-campus service events, as well as custom-made tutorials and other special programs. In conjunction with the other online resources available on this website, we hope that Tele-Vision will further engage you with our learning community and enhance your enjoyment and success in studying Ancient History.