Tele’s Angels are delighted to introduce our amazing Mentors for 2017!

Here at Tele’s Angels, we are proud to promote our wonderful mentors, who dedicate so much of their time and energy to helping students, current and future. With a wide range of academic interests and experience, our mentors offer an incredible range of services and advice on a full-time basis.

We welcome your questions throughout the year via the team email.

Alternatively, you can contact the Angels individually according to research interests:

TA 2016

Kate Bartel: Ancient History, Rome, Languages

Philip Brophy: Roman and Greek history, culture and languages

Joel Evans: Roman Republic, Later Roman Empire, Byzantium Empire, Ptolemaic Egypt

Philippa Fitzgerald: Mythology and Roman History

Matt George: Egyptology, Pre- and Early-Dynastic Egypt, Egyptian Language, Archaeology, Historiography

Susan Ha: Ancient History, Rome

Chris Haddad: Greek and Latin Languages and Literature; Roman Republic and Early Empire; Epigraphy and Papyrology; and the study of the Ancient Mediterranean.

Sophie Harris: Egyptology, Archaeology, Egyptian Art and Literature, Forensics

Nicole Leong: Archaeology, Egyptology, Old Kingdom, Egyptian Administration, Prosopography

Louise Metcalfe: Roman Republic to Empire

Maddi Quail-Gates: The Ancient Near East, Dead Sea Scrolls, Biblical Hebrew, Prehistoric Culture and Developments

Grace Touma: Egyptology, Mythology, Ancient Literature, Archaeology

Katherine Wannan: Rome, Greece, Sciences

David White: Late Roman History, Classical Archaeology