Hall of Heroes & Heroines


Telemachus_Digital_Photograph_2010_editedTele’s Angels wishes to thank the following mentoring heroes and heroines who  volunteered so much of their time and energy towards our program over the years.  We, as well as countless Ancient History students and staff, benefited from their  passion and commitment to supporting students through their transition to higher education. Thank you!



Scott Allan (Archaeology, Egyptology, Rome)

Alice Baker (Classical Languages, Literature from Homer through to Late Antiquity)

Jovana Bardak (Roman History, Egyptian Culture, Education)

Rachel Berry (Greek Religion, Archaeology and Language)

Shenali Boange (Egyptology, Art, Archaeology, Museum Studies)

Maddie Borys (Egyptology, Archaeology, New Kingdom)

Tim Briscoe (Language Tutor – Greek and Latin)

Rob Bruce (World History, Late Antiquity, Early Christian Chronicles)

Amy Butschek (Egyptology, Archaeology, Greek History)

Jonathon Cant (Roman History, Latin)

Erin Casey (Roman History)

Dr. Peter Edwell (Postgraduate Advisor)

Evan Jewell (Republican and Imperial Rome, Latin and Classical Greek)

Dr. Todd Gillen (Egyptology, Archaeology, Egyptian Language)

Miriam Gillett (Etruscan Studies, Early and Republican Rome, Italian Archaeology)

Juliana Grego (Egyptology, Archaeology, Religion, Art)

Dr. Eve Guerry (Egyptology, Archaeology, Religion, Language and Biblical Hebrew)

Claire Hainey (Egyptology, Archaeology, New Kingdom Art, Religion)

Chris Hale  (Greek History, Aegean Bronze Age, Classical Greece)

Grant Hayes (Language Tutor – Hieroglyphs)

Rhianne Hoffman (Classical to Hellenistic Greek History, Archaeology, Mythology)

Amber Hood (Pre-Early Dynastic Egyptian History and Ceramics)

Lauren Horne (Classical History, Classical Languages)

Jennifer Irving (Classical Greece, Language, Late Antiquity)

April Kennedy (Egyptology, Archaeology, Social History)

Milena Kooyman (Egyptology, Egyptian Art, Archaeology, Culture and Religion, Old Kingdom)

Emma Magro (Archaeology, Egyptology, Epigraphy and Palaeography, Languages)

Alice McClymont (New Kingdom Egyptology, Religion and Funerary Beliefs, Archaeology, Language

Kate McDonald (Roman Republic to Empire, Archaeology, Historiography)

Beverley Miles (Egyptology, Archaeology, Old Kingdom Art, Human-Animals Relations)

Nicole Miles (Greece, Rome, Late Antiquity, Archaeology)

Amy Odlum (Archaeology, Early Christianity, Roman Republic to Empire, Education)

Rob Persson (Egyptian Language, Literature, Historiography)

Alyce Peruzzi (Egyptology, Archaeology, Education)

Dr. Ronika Power (Egyptology, Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, Historiography)

Samantha Rothwell (Archaeology, Egyptology, Mythology, Education)

Dr. Clare Rowan (Roman Republic to Late Antiquity)

Ellen Ryan (Egyptology, Archaeology, Autobiographies, New Kingdom Epigraphy and Iconography, Theban tombs, Ancient Languages, Museum studies)

Elizabeth Smith (Aegean Bronze Age to Classical Greece)

Kristen Szumyn (Greek History, Philosophy, Greek Language)

Katherine Williams (Egyptology, Archaeology)

Katherine Winterfeldt (Egyptology, Archaeology, Roman History)

Tara Wood (Greek History)

Dr. Alex Woods (Egyptology, Archaeology, Egyptian Art)