Essay Writing Seminars

thinkingLady 375px This Ancient-History specific Essay Writing Seminar, is presented by Tele’s Angels Mentors in line with the marking criteria set by the Department of Ancient History.

The seminar picks up from the Library Research Tour, briefly revisiting critical research steps, then proceeds to discuss sources and evidence, writing and referencing, and editing and presentation.


New in 2016! This seminar has been rewritten to include all the newest assessment given to students this session. In addition to essay help, this seminar now provides a greater insight into object studies, critiques and reviews, blog posts and much more!


Session 1, 2018 Seminar: 

  • Wednesday, 21st March, 1:30pm, X5B 321 (Museum of Ancient Cultures, Seminar Room) RSVP eb-icon_large


EWS resources are now available to download: